Multnomah Education Service District

Outdoor School




Our Mission:
The Environmental Education Department (Outdoor School) provides innovative and collaborative leadership which enables our Districts' students to learn science and interpersonal skills in order to meet the diverse needs of a changing world.







The Outdoor School Program's Mission is:

  • Teach field-based science concepts as they relate to natural resources This instruction is hands-on and meaningful for real life.
  • Provide instruction that promotes critical thinking and collaboration.
  • Extend science instruction beyond the classroom.
  • Implement a variety of planned activities that provideopportunities for participation in cooperative living experiences, performing arts, recreation, and structured events.
  • Provide for the safety, physical and medical needs of all students.
  • Promote self-esteem, leadership and confidence in sixth grade and high school students.
  • Practice gender/ethnic equity and honor and promote diversity and multicultural awareness.
  • Teach interpersonal skills and provide opportunities for the application of these skills across a variety of settings.
  • Address the needs of all learners regardlessof individual learning differences or chalenged conditions.
  • Treat each student and staff person with dignity and respect